18+ Games that are Prohibited, But Can Still Be Played

diptisanyal.com – Prohibited does not mean can not be played. Although there are a variety of rules that are made, there are still some games that fall into the category of today can be purchased and played. Especially in a country that does not yet have clear rules about a game circulation.

Discussing the game that is prohibited from circulating is actually very often, the game theme of violence or sexuality is definitely included in that category. However, it is a lie if Indonesian gamers in particular, are not familiar with titles such as GTA, Bully, Leisure Suit Larry , or Mortal Kombat . Games with various prohibited elements are very easy to get for Indonesian gamers.

Compared to violence, games with the main elements of sexuality are more difficult to accept in society. Could be, the picture and title of the game is the reason. For example, GTA and Bully do not look like adult games  slot online at all, but if played almost all types of crime can be done. Here are some games with the main theme of sexuality which are definitely not good to play, especially for those who are not old enough.

One Japanese developer, pleaded guilty to creating this one game. Although it is banned almost all over the world and it is said that production has been stopped, if you actively search for it, you can still get this game. In RapeLay , gamers will play a maniac who will rape three women. In fact, it is known that these three female characters are one family. Later, you will start stalking, seducing, touching, and until successfully forced contact.

Virtual Girlfriend

The popularity of mobile games makes a lot of games with the theme “Esek-Esek” popping up. Out of nowhere, just type in ‘virtual girlfriend’ you can find lots of apps or free games with beautiful and sexy women who can accompany you all the time. Not infrequently you can get more than just topless or groan, if you play it often.

Sexy Solitare and Danmaku Fantasy Shooting

Still from a mobile game. Many casual games that actually take the theme of a sexy woman as the main decoy. An example is Sexy Solitare , anyone would love to still solitare-style cards especially if the cards used are sexy women. There is also Danmaku Fantasy Shooting , a game that can be very easily played by children, so it is difficult for children to play because of the bonuses that can be obtained.

Seduce Me

From the title, you can already imagine what we will do in this game. The game played on PC is a game made by NoReplyGames. With the core story of seducing women in a luxury hotel with a ending that you can definitely guess. From its website, the game Seduce Me is inspired by the lives of American socialites and celebrities.

Actually there are still many elements of pornography or sexuality of this kind in the game. Either that is blatantly or that is closed to the genre of the game, such as bonuses in the BMX XXX game or one of the features in Mass Effect it is impossible for ordinary people to know.

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