Take a peek at upper class sex women in India

Take a peek at upper class sex women in India – Her appearance is tempting with an open dress. Just bought in Paris last month. Fragrant expensive perfume fragrant filled hotel rooms. This young woman is as beautiful as Bollywood artists who usually appear on screen.

Kajal Verma, so this 24-year-old woman was called. Certainly not his real name . She is a student at one of the well-known universities in New Delhi with a high-end female entertainer job.

The clients Verma serves are not just any people. From young executives, professionals to politicians with money. He is also ready to accompany his clients to travel abroad, of course at a rate that most Indians will not reach.

In contrast to most Indian women who have been forced to plunge into the Black Valley due to being victims of human trafficking, or acute poverty , Verma went through this profession of her own choosing.

Verma comes from a middle class family in northern India. He realized that he would not be able to live in luxury if he only relied on money sent from the village. So he began to undergo the profession as a vending class of love. There are no regrets or doubts at all about his choice.

“I use my free time to make money. Some sell their brains, while I sell my body. Why fuss,” he said as written in the article Real life stories of High-end prostitutes in the Times of India.

He considered the old-fashioned culture of society and considered immoral comfort women. “If a man and woman date, then they have intercourse, it is considered normal. But when a man pays a woman for a date, it is immediately considered immoral,” Verma revealed her thoughts.

As a top-class comfort woman, what Verma does is not just a matter of beds. He accompanied his clients on business trips, accompanied them on official occasions to exchange ideas. Verma claimed to read a lot of books to master a variety of topics, he also honed his English as well as possible. The matter of the ethics of eating and drinking in banquets, he memorized by heart.

Verma was recently invited to go to Australia by a client. He accompanied the young professional on a campus reunion. To his friends, the man introduced Verma as his lover.

For the services provided, Verma is certainly paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Compare with most sex workers in India who are only paid less than one to four USD.

Nisha Kapoor, a high-class love peddler tells a similar story. This girl originally worked as a call center. One day he was invited by his friend who had already been working as an entertainer to attend a fancy party. The story begins in this world.

Nisha claimed that her salary as a call center was not enough until the end of the month. Graduates of this university are also ashamed to ask for money continuously from their parents.

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Now Nisha can repay a car from the results of her new job. He also saved a decent amount to guarantee his future.

Nisha claimed to be comfortable with this work. He serves classy men and gets enough money for his standard of living.

That’s the good thing, then what is the hard thing about being a top class peddler?

Verma said that sometimes felt very lonely. He kept this profession a secret from his family and friends. Only a few people in this business know. What he feels cannot be shared with others.

Another problem, sometimes the client asks for various styles. Included with ties and close eyes like in the film Fifty Shades of Gray. Sometimes there are also those who refuse to use safety devices.

While Nisha claimed the most difficult temptation is to hold deeper feelings of growth between her and her client. Understandably these men are already rich, handsome too. He avoided the emotional feeling in this business.

“Most of them already have a wife and that can be a very complicated problem,” he said.

Based on data from the Indian government, there are an estimated 2 million commercial sex workers in the country. Not all have the same fate as Verma and Nisha, the lower class prostitutes often get torture or horrible things in the small class localization.

Women’s activist from the University of Delhi Dr Vargeshwari Deswal considered that if prostitution could not be abolished, it would be better if it was legalized. The CSWs will have legal rights and medical services.

“And if they are treated unfairly, they can fight through the court. This will help millions of women. It will also help women who voluntarily enter the region,” Deswal said.

But Nisha does not agree if prostitution in India is legalized. According to him there will not be many benefits for comfort women. Moreover, the stigma in society is still so negative.

“The government will only collect taxes from us, without providing protection or anything. It only looks good in theory,” Nisha said sarcastically.

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